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Interior Design

Finding the Emotional Heart

For Interiors Filled With Joy

"I believe in spaces being an expression of a person’s journey through life; one that creates a personal sanctuary that brings joy to living. EPOCH is that most rare opportunity where exteriors and interiors are original, symbiotic, harmonious, and above all joyful."


The mission of the team at B Pila is to bring authenticity, alignment and soul to interior decor. This is much more than a particular fixture, piece or accessory. It is not a singular but collective experience designed to be as invigorating as it is comfortable. And it is appropriate to the locale, the space and absolutely always unique.

It may best be captured in the B Pila manifesto:

  • Fun and luxury can live together
  • The stylish and soulful can be in harmony
  • Furniture is not just about looks, but how it makes you feel
  • Furniture is art; therefore it should be just as self-expressive
  • Everyone deserves to have their spaces feel sacred

Built around a trademarked approach called Design Enlightenment, the firm’s abiding goal is to heighten awareness and beauty through the proper alignment of a client’s lifestyle and the interior environment. Widely featured in leading design press including Elle Décor, South Florida Luxury, Palm Beach and City & Shore, the firm has earned recognition from professional peer competitions:

  • 13th Annual Dream House Interior Design Showcase
  • 2014 IDA International Design Excellence Award
  • 2006 Florida’s Best Award: Gold
  • 2006 Florida’s Best Award: Silver
  • 2004 Southern Accents National Interior Design Content


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