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Discover the magic of Brise Soleil

brise soleil
An ever-changing symphony of light, shadow and breeze.

For the French, art and poetry infuse and inform everything. A simple shading element then is a brise soleil. At EPOCH, it is as practical as it is beautiful. Soon it will roll off the tongue as melodically, and appropriately, as savoir faire and accoutrement. Indeed, the brise soleil is a defining architectural masterstroke of the EPOCH architecture. Outside these shades define and distinguish the façade — carefully choreographed and arranged as elevations change. Inside, these trellis-like awnings create patterns of ever-changing light and breeze — a rare almost surreal environmental experience to be savored in every moment and every season. Around every turn at EPOCH are the rewards created when architecture explores new ways to heighten the art of living, l’art de vivre.

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